Bubble Cup, Chadstone, Melbourne

Bubble Cup, Chadstone, Melbourne

One of the more established brands in the crowded bubble tea market is Bubble Cup. They now have ten stores across Victoria and it’s one that I’ve been to a few times over my years living in Melbourne. My most recent experience was sampling their magical blue confection, which was rather sweet but enjoyable nonetheless.

I enjoyed my time in Taiwan a lot, and a big part of that experience was all the tea you get to drink! It’s about $2 Australian depending on which chain you go for, but even the shitty ones were good. At that price you can bet my morning afternoon and evening drink featured a strong display of the bubble tea.

Bubble Cup sits in one of those standalone kiosks with Chadstone, it’s a standard location that gets a chunk of footfall. The wait times aren’t too bad with Bubble Cup and the menu range is diverse as the other ones. I noticed they had a limited edition blue milk tea which I had to give a try. It’s a pleasant flavour, sweetened with the sugary syrup and then a heap of black grass jelly. Overall, too sweet for me as this is a drink where you can’t adjust sweetness or ice level.


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