Teta Mona, Brunswick East

Teta Mona, Brunswick East

I really enjoyed what I had at Teta Mona, but the big ‘but’ is that our server forgot to put through our mains so after an hour of waiting we didn’t really want to wait any more, so (confession) we headed home and heated chips from the freezer and they were bloody great.

Teta Mona is a Middle Eastern/ Lebanese styled venue on Lygon Street and a mere stone’s through from my friend’s house (and their oven). We managed to grab a table by the window and chose a mix of their small and medium share bowls as well as the mains to get a good try (and photo) of everything. Part of this plan did not eventuate, as you know.


First up was the Cigara bi Lanhem ($14) which were pastry rolls filled with spiced lamb, onion, walnuts and served with a pomegranate molasses. These had a tasty earthiness and I actually was a big fan of the surprise salad and accompaniments that came with each of these shared plates. The molasses was a tasty, not too sweet topping and it made for an encouraging start for our meal. It was also common on our next sharing plate.


Rather similar in execution was the Sambooseek bi Jebne ($13.50) pastry envelopes with haloumi, feta cheese duo, parsley and spring onion. Fried cheese is such a weakness for me and I rated this rather highly too. Matt’s not a big fan of cheese despite having a huge cheese company client so all the more for the rest of us!


I can’t resist me a good falafel, and here in the Falafel D.I.Y. ($14) they’re made of yellow and green peas and served with pickles, tahini dip and pita bread. I’m not a huge fan of pickles myself but the falafel was filling and had a nice, crisp exterior. Some falafel has a terrible dryness to it, but here it was fluffy and flavoursome and amongst the best falafel I’ve had here. Still need to explore a lot more in Coburg & co. though.


The final plate we received was the Makanek ($15) made of Lebanese spiced beef and pine nut sausages served with garlic yoghurt. I’m such a sucker for pine nuts and here they’re used thoughtfully for a nutty, meaty stretch of eating. The sausages were my pick of the bunch and with the side items, made for a fun little Middle Eastern sausage sizzle imitation (not sure if that was the intention).

That’s where things at Teta Mona ended for us, and we intervened and it was only than the server realised he forget to process that part of the order and we realised we weren’t getting the rest any time soon. He did offer to put them through as rush but we decided for an amicable split rather than keep going. I’m sure we all shed a little tear that night.

7/10 (Based on what we had, I don’t really hold the grudge too much).

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