On It Burgers, Abbotsford

On It Burgers, Abbotsford

On It Burgers add a taste of necessary postmodernism to the somewhat overcrowded food scene of Victoria Street, Abbotsford and Richmond. I decided to go an extra few tram stops to check out this offering at On It Burgers and I’m glad I did. It’s worthy of its position here and also deserves some attention for choosing to settle into this location against a lot of other burger and non-burger options, all being very affordable and most being tasty.


I went for a mix of everything with the burger choice being the Smoky Chick ($11.90 with free range crunchy chicken, red onion, lettuce, tomato and smoky On It sauce. The burger was a tad to messy to eat due to the slippery sauce and lettuce but the patty did deliver an enviable level of crunch but could have had a bit more meat to it. The length of the patty was great, stretching off both sides of the bun and scoring high for crispiness. I think cheese would have helped elevate this dish (and keep it a bit more contained) so that might be a suggestion for an additional extra.

The fries I had were in the small but entirely sufficient size at $3.90 and came with an option of sea salt or garlic and basil, myself going with the latter. The seasoning was herby and inspired, I quite liked this option and it only rates slightly behind the mind-blowing sprinkle used by the guys at Chicken with a Twist.

There’s a staggering twenty or so flavours of shakes and I went with the butterscotch for my trip. They proudly claim the syrups are from France but not sure that’s an entirely great thing as I’d rather the flavours be more natural and/or composed from ingredients added in rather than syrups. The shake was fine and you get a lot even at the $4.90 small size. Overall, I think On It Burgers remains a great addition to the happening food scene of Victoria Street and offers a great spot for a group to chill with plenty o’ space.


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