Kappaya, Abbotsford

Kappaya, Abbotsford

Next door to the heavy queues of Lentil as Anything, is a Japanese “soul food” cafe called Kappaya, which offers Japanese foods, tapas and pastries menu options with a reduced queue time with the same quaint, idyllic feel that you get from all the eateries in the Convent area. Service was a tad on the slow side, and we didn’t get our matcha latte until after the food, however it was a fantastically rich matcha that we rather enjoyed. It had a pleasant taste that didn’t come with an overbearing sweetness that you can get at some places. And $4 is a good price.

We stopped by mainly to get ourselves a meat fix in ordering the tori ten tempura chicken and sweet potato. This was on top of a leaf salad with a sweet soy dressing. My friend really dug the chicken noting it had great flavour notes beneath a think layer of tempura crunch. I was a bit more indifferent to the chicken myself. We did both agree that the Japanese dressing on the chicken was creamy and kept the seasoning balanced and all the leaves on the plate were consumed.

For richer or tempura

Kappaya offers plenty more menu options and is well worth hitting up if the queues next door are unbearable. However it definitely does get a share of the crowd here as well and deservedly so.


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