Zzetta Soul Fired Pizza, Canning Town, London

Zzetta Soul Fired Pizza, Canning Town, London

Get set for Zzetta. This soul-fired pizzeria is one of the latest additions to Canning Town, offering modern pies in a casual setting. We head in to delight our tastebuds with their artisan yet street casual pizzas, as well as check out their other menu offerings.

Pizza pickings

Started by Rob Dewan, Zzetta has opened just this year. He sought to provide excellent food and an atmosphere reflecting the history of Rathbone market and the surrounding area with the opening of the restaurant.

Block Studio are the architects behind the design of the restaurant and they’ve done an incredible job with the space. The restaurant is light filled, modern and with its own character. Check out those speech bubbles hanging from the ceiling! Unique, eh?

The menu at Zzetta is short and sharp, it’s designed for quality and speed of service.  The main focus is the pizzas, which are sourdough based and come in nine varieties inspired by different markets of London. 

We start off with the Zzetta salad (£4.95) and the garlic bread with cheese (of course) (£3.45). The garlic bread has a pleasant cheesy taste, seasoned with rosemary and provides ample crunch. The salad’s a surprise hit – lots happening and with avocado too. The dressing is nice and light which helps our dining from being too indulgent.

Slice of life

It’s all about the pizzas at a place called Zzetta – Soul fired pizza. Fortunately,  they’re reassuringly good. My friend Ryan prefers the Rathbone pepperoni with aubergine, parmesan and basil and I prefer the chicken with pesto. Good crust, interesting combos and plenty to feed us both (or a family!).

I know some purists hate chicken on pizzas. But here at Zzetta it works so excellently. It’s a white base with the chicken pizza and with the lashing of pesto, it’s a permutation that works so well for me. For the record, we did manage to finish off the pizzas. I don’t know how I can surprise myself sometimes.

Sugar endings

We can’t leave without something sweet, so we dive into the profiteroles (£4.95) and the tiramisu (£4.95). Both are huge, and very rich. Of the two we liked the tiramisu the most. It’s presented well and it’s different from the usual mason jar versions.

That wraps up our review of Zzetta – Soul Fired Pizza. It’s a great addition to the Canning Town neighbourhood and well worth checking out if you’re a local in the area (and even if you’re not).