Wondertree, Heathrow, London

Wondertree, Heathrow, London

Whenever I have a flight, I make it my mission to arrive super early. I’ve had one instance in which I’ve been burned and since then I’ve vowed never to miss a flight. Wondertree Cafe in Heathrow Airport helped me utilise my time satisfactorily en route to Toronto. The food might be a bit pedestrian, but it makes for a relaxing way to start a morning.

Morning Heathrow

The restaurant is also replicated at Gatwick airport, and is brought to you by the Giraffe cafe chain that’s all around the parts. Spending about £15 I had an iced tea and the Moroccan breakfast. It doesn’t come with toast (much needed) so that was an extra side. The plate had eggs, avocado, cherry tomato, hummus, potato wedges and oil. I mean it all tasted fine, but it was not a meal in itself. It all tasted as it should, minus the potatoes which weren’t warmed. Knowing the background of these guys the food offering should be fair, just make sure to pick the right choices for your appetite. This is far too minimalistic for me!

Skinny Moroccans

After inspecting the Moroccan breakfast plate I had concerns I would remain hungry. Those Moroccans must be rather slim. Part of me was unsure as it always is hard to judge at this hour of the day. I ended up booking an Uber rather than dealing with the tube, meaning I was even earlier than I intended. But that’s a good thing in my eyes. Whilst the flight would feature a breakfast, I can’t say Air Canada did a satisfactory job there (some weird berry crepe thing) so it was good to pre-load. I had a lingering sense of hunger throughout the flight so must remember to pack snacks. Pack snacks Sam. The flight pretzels were good at least. Here the toast helped out, though it was burnt on the non-featured sides.

Away we go

The seating at Wondertree is fun and quaint, so it’s a good spot to park yourself for an hour or so like I had done. I needed a drink. Ice cold superfruits tea with pomegranate juice, lemon juice and fresh mint. A refreshing start for what would turn out to be a very long day. I always enjoy a cold drink at airports. Something about the air conditioning and stress of the occasion always make me feel more temperate than it actually is. The flight to Canada would be over 7 hours, it featured much movie-watching on the first run and a lot of sleep on the second. I must have fallen asleep through Rogue One a good dozen times. Much rewinding was had.


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