Pixxa, Aldgate East, London

Pixxa, Aldgate East, London

There was never any shortage of great pizzas in London, and especially in my home spot of Whitechapel / Aldgate East. It’s a weird area, with all the commercialism creeping up on you. Pixxa Aldgate East is a more standard cafe/ sit-down type of pizza joint.

Pizza Fix

I was always in need of a quick fix, and near my house there wasn’t that much in terms of variety. Pizza Union already saw a lot of my coin in the lunchtimes and I wasn’t always in the mood for a curry. Asian options were particularly limited and the chain fast food options were limited to a very average Burger King and a KFC with no seating (I still went to the latter plenty of times).

Enter Pixxa Aldgate East. A store I had walked by plenty of times but only popped into the once. I needed something quick and the ready-to-eat pizzas would work a treat. You’re paying £2.90/ £3.40 per slice so it’t not overly expensive and they have an extensive range of flavours.

I was thrilled to see a potato pizza – the Romana, served simply with mozzarella and rosemary, or with truffle oil, as well as all the usual pizza favourites.

It’s hip to be square

At Pixxa it’s a Roman-styled pizza, served square with a more solid base and crust. There’s lot of meat pizzas and it’s a wider range than the likes of Pizza Union. I had my two slices to go, for the savings and also, because I enjoy eating at home too.

I liked the slice. The toppings are interesting and fresh, and it travels rather way. With each slice halved, you do get a bit of substance to it that should also fill you up. Service was Pixxa Aldgate East was fast and friendly enough, and it’s a good alternative for a nearby pizza fix.