Grounded, Whitechapel, London

Grounded, Whitechapel, London

Regardless of where I live, I always find a cafe to call my local. Here in Whitechapel that is the Grounded Coffee Company cafe. A super popular joint, they offer decent coffees and a proper brunch menu. It’s halal, so expect substitute bacon but all the same enjoyable start to your morning.

Coffee Time

There’s serious queues here at Grounded in the weekend. That usually puts me off most of the time, which is probably a good thing for my wallet, but a bad thing for my happiness. When solo dining, there’s usually a couple spots on the bar. I don’t enjoy this heightened view of the world, but sometimes it’s a necessity. Weekdays are a different story, it’s usually a good level of crowdedness without table fight or queuing.

I’ve had quite a few visits to Grounded now and have sampled a bit of their offering. Coffee-wise, it’s not quite as good as the nearby Exmouth, but at least here you can get plates of cooked food. My first experience was with their classic breakfast plate, except the sausages are beef and the bacon is turkey. A little slice of halloumi makes it quite the complete meal. Note that they usually include baked beans as well, but I loathe those beans.

You’re Grounded

I also headed into Grounded for their pancakes on Pancake Day. I didn’t know this was a thing here, but I don’t want to miss my chance to be on trend. These ones are quite rustic, the shapes are all over the shop. They taste great though, and that’s the main thing. Quite simple in terms of how brunch pancakes can be.

My most recent visit had me sampling the most colourful plates to date. That’s the bacon and eggs which also come with smashed avocado. My friend’s plate with the salmon instead of the bacon, otherwise identical. Turkey bacon is alright, but nowhere near the same level of satisfaction as in a crispy piece of pork. that fried edge, the umami. For the price I’m more than happy with what I get on the plate at Grounded – greens, carbs, eggs and meat.

So that’s how how my adventures with Grounded so far have fared! No doubt there will be more so long as I’m around the area.


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