Abokado, Whitechapel, London

Abokado, Whitechapel, London

My new work in Whitechapel might not have any Wasabi or Itsus around, but we do have an Abokado. The way I see it, they’re all relatively similar, operating in the same pseudo-Japanese quick takeaway angle. The prices all seem the same and the menu options all seen the same. The food’s alright. I had the katsu curry which neatly comes with the curry sauce seperate and you can also get some extra toppings.

abokado aldgate east katsu curry

Handy lunch option

I should count myself quite fortunate as the office provides lunch to the staff. The quality is a bit hit and miss, so that still tempts to venture out for sampling some other options like Abokado.

Walking into any Abokado (or the other chains for that manner) does feel a bit like being in Tokyo. I was blown away by how many little cafes and food shops were doing packed bentos and lunch boxes. In the stations at least, it was very rare to see options for sitting down. Tokyo is a city all about being out and about and the convenience options are appealing for the people who don’t have the time to cook at once home.

Curry some favour

The katsu curry in this Abokado, at least, has the curry sauce seperate from the bowl of rice, chicken fillet and edamame and carrot. The curry sauce is quite thin, I’d prefer it with a spoonful of flour to give it that proper thickness. The flavour is fine, a tad bland and lacking the kick of garam masala that I find in other curries. The fillet is okay, it still gets soggy which is inevitable when it’s all packed liked this.

What I did like about Abokado is the toppings! You can get little packets of fried onion, coriander and sauces. It’s a bit more appealing with all the garnish on the final product.


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