Blanche Eatery, Westminster, London

Blanche Eatery, Westminster, London

One of my fantasies whilst in London was finding a neighbourhood cake shop, boasting delicious and convenient treats whenever the call came. It would come. Blanche Eatery is close by, but doesn’t hit the mark in quality of produce. Or service. So unfortunately, my search for a bakery treasure continues. 


A piece of cake

I found the service a little on the sour side. The lady who served me at Blanche Eatery raised her voice to tell me the machine wasn’t a tap on as if she had spent all morning shouting that to me already. Hoping for a sweeter reception, I dug into my red velvet cake (£3) and caramel and custard tart (£1.85). Two things because you only live once right?

Slice of life

The cakes looked appetising in the window but in practice had a off-putting chewiness. Also, they aren’t covered so not sure what’s there to stop the cakes drying out. I find this practice rather interesting. A lot cafes around town often have the no-cover approach for their cakes. Not sure how some places stop them from drying out. Blanche Eatery’s cakes were not immune to this. On the upside only one side is dry as the cut each slice to order.

The red velvet ends up being a little messy and there’s too much buttercream for my liking, though that’s a common thing on this type of cake.

The tart was nicer but weirdly priced and didn’t suffer as much oxidisation. It’s handy to have Blanche Eatery around the corner, I had hoped service and product was better to entice a repeat visit. There is salad options, and tarts and many other things, so perhaps a different experience on another occasion. Most of the time I’ve found the ambience a little stiff and a little empty, but it’s one of the few cake options in Westminster.


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