The Magic Garden, Battersea, London

The Magic Garden, Battersea, London

My big brother’s currently in town, and we had our second catchup meal in the quaint neighbourhood of Battersea. Our newly engaged friends were along for the ride. Being London, the weather was questionable on this Bank Holiday. The Magic Garden has an eclectic, funky vibe.

Littered around (litter = literally) there’s an old car, mystery shed and a mosaic of old furniture. Coupled with the soft, dirt ground, it made me wonder if it’s for kids or drunk adults. Either way, it’s a good time. Few others ventured out to the Magic Garden on this afternoon, but the meals still sure took their time. Menu choice for this day was more limited. So three of us veered towards the burger and my sibling went for the fried calamari and cauliflower fritters.

The bar menu was a little on the more costly side, the burger and fries came in at £13.50. The burger is huge though. 8 ounces of homemade beef patty along with relish, caramelized onion and coleslaw. The bun is described as being “enriched cream” and the bucket of fries is more than enough. Coleslaw on the side is a nice touch. I should have shelled out for the extra bacon and cheese. Otherwise the bite ends up being a bit plain. It’s great the bun is fluffy and fresh. And the patty is nice and completely meat tasting.

The cauliflower fritters ended up being more battered florets of cauliflower, a part of me thought this was going to be the case. Not so much for my dear brother. This coupled with the calamari made for more grease then we were expecting. The cauliflower has a nice batter and crispiness to it, though I did find it oily.

This is the biggest tea I’ve yet to encounter. Not sure the ratio does it quite justice, but there was a solid five-six cups there. English breakfast brew, mind you. And proper, with loose leaves.

Oh, and there’s the calamari.


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