Wagamama, Dean Street, Soho

Wagamama, Dean Street, Soho

Despite my internal protests, part of me is magnetised to Wagamama‘s. I end up eating there more than I realise. My big brother was visiting me from all the way from Aucks, and for whatever reason, it was the choice of location for our first catchup meal. Maybe it was nostalgia? Maybe it was convenience? I had a voucher too.

That was probably it. Waga’s is close to my work, the service is (normally) fast and I’m familiar with most of the dishes. Except not any more, there’s a few new additions. First up was the beef tataki (£6.35) a chill dish, that I’ve grown more fond of in my later years. It was colder than the ones I’ve had but the flavours were nice, the sear is a little more apparent than in other places. But the temperature of the meat was jarring. Like it was whipped out of the fridge and straight onto your table. Hmm.

The two mains was the chicken katsu curry (£10.50) and the (new) sticky pork belly (£11.95). It’s a citrus and teriyaki glaze on the belly, with a lot of miso aubergine slices. Not sure I loved it, it was a hard dish to share and there was too much aubergine and not enough pork. Especially for a main, the ratios were off.

The flavours were fine, if not a tad too strong. Like the sauce was thrown out of a jar and slapped on to the meat. Overall, the same level of happiness for my typical Wagamama outing. This chicken katsu curry was a better one than the one I had at their other Soho store. The two pictures side to side showed that other one was lacking in curry sauce. And chicken. So the classic still win out for me at Wagamama. The food’s always a little pricey, and the main dishes (not that Wagamama dare calls them that) took longer than expected this time.