Tsujiri, Soho, London

Tsujiri, Soho, London

Hey, its Tsujiri in London. I have had it one time before when it first opened in Melbourne. As a recap Tsujiri is a Japanese dessert chain with a 155 year history, now found all over the world including here in Soho, London. Matcha heavy in all the options, but they’re very good and with a price tag to match.

Matcha made?

My cousin was in town and as well as having the same blood, we both share a sweet tooth. I like the dessert options at Tsujiri as they aren’t ever too big, not so sugary (at least in taste) and it’s something a bit more different. Back home home in New Zealand we don’t yet have much Japanese-styled desserts at all.

The store is tiny here in Soho, there’s only enough room for a few groups sitting down a time. On the upside, Tsujiri is one of the venues that aren’t going to charge you extra for the luxury of sitting in. We both went for the mix sundaes (£5.80) which are like smaller than McDonalds one. The soft serve is a much better variety though. We had the option to have the two flavours mixed in, so we did.

The Soho store has two flavours: houjicha and matcha. The former is another type of green tea, but more of a tan colour than the sharp matcha green. As a roasted tea, this is where you have the main difference in taste. After having both, they were equally fine but I’ll still stick my hand up for matcha every time.

Cold on the price

I do find the sundaes at Tsujiri rather expensive, when the additions are minimal. That’s a piece of mochi, black sugar, red bean, and roasted soy bean powder. In a cone or cup it’s still £4.20 or £5.20 so it’s not cheap anyway.

I’m comparing to a gelato-type shop that makes their product by hand rather than by machine. At the end of the day it’s mainly powdered, processed mix without any heart or any charm. Also, I’ve don’t think I’ve come across an actually Instagram-able picture of Tsujiri.


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