Tombo Poke Matcha Bar, Soho, London

Tombo Poke Matcha Bar,  Soho, London

I’ve had two experiences at Tombo Poke Matcha Bar in Soho. Once with the takeaway via MealPal and another for a sit down group meal. For both experiences I do find the food at Tombo Poke tasty and of high quality but the portions are a little lacking. The flavours are wonderful, the matcha inspirations are fun, but a little more food to eat would be appreciated, thanks.

tombo teriyaki soho review

The teriyaki chicken is undoubtedly delicious. It’s a very simple spread with the chicken, lettuce and teriyaki sauce. So the only thing lacking, was having more food! The cubing of the chicken is not my favourite presentation but the use of spring onion and sesame lifts it up, The sauce is a good level of thickness, with a good level of sweetness.

One of the office is defiantly health conscious (that’s not me, for obvious reasons) so we needed a low fat fix for our shared team lunch. And Tombo Poke was decided upon and this time we were doing a proper dining-in. This may or may not have contributed to an incrementally satisfactory outcome on the second Tombo visit. The teriyaki chicken (£7.95) reared its head once again, being a popular choice. As with a few cafes in Soho you pay a tad extra for dining in.

tombo green poke

I turned a new leaf, and went for the extremely green vege poke (£7.95) with tofu, matcha miso sauce, avocado, edamame, sesame seeds and nori. The sauce has a lovely zest and it feels like a satisfying, clean eat. I was a little cautious around the zucchini noodles but I quite like them here. They soaked up the green sauce well with the flavours being balanced without ever feeling like a parody of matcha.

tombo salmon poke

The Salmon Avo luxe (£9.90) is more akin to what I believe a Poke bowl should look like and my neighbour Michalis seemed pleased with his choice. The salmon roe are a visually appealing addition. Here’s also the teriyaki chicken in the non-takeway format.

tombo teriyaki chicken review

Most importantly, the matcha donut (£3.50). This was fantastic. A matcha iced, matcha donut sandwich that had a to-die-for matcha filling. A heavy cake donut, the fat content made it delectable and I would be happy to try some of their (overpriced but now, potentially worthwhile) matcha dessert menu.

tombo crosstown matcha donut

And the donut in all its holiness. You can’t see it, but it is sliced in the middle and filled with that amazing filling. It’s a bit more chunkier and clunkier than a bog-standard supermarket donut, but it’s all the more better for it. And it makes up the highlight of Tombo so far though I’ve since learned they’re not homemade. Instead they’re from Crosstown around the corner.


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