The Potato Project, Soho, London

The Potato Project, Soho, London

I was surprised to see a potato chain, similar to Spudbar, operating here in London. I was also surprised to see my Mealpal-ordered Chicken Curry Potato turn into a Pesto and mozzarella one (due to being sold out). Another unintended vegetarian lunch, sigh. This meal left me a little puzzled. The sweet potato, although ridiculously priced, is cooked to complete perfection and holds it together. It almost makes it worthwhile. Almost.

The skin is a unblemished jacket with a thorough lashing of pesto and cheese. But it’s not the right cheese for a sweet potato. It just ends up being a clump, and the lovely bright pesto separates with all the olive oil at the bottom of the box. I reckon I would have had a much better time with the dazzling chicken curry potato, but even then, the sweet potato in isolation is tantalising simplicity.



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