The Detox Kitchen, Soho, London

The Detox Kitchen, Soho, London

With so much fast food and junk appearing in today’s modern diets (and mine, cough) it’s refreshing for a concept like The Detox Kitchen. It aims to de-stress the pain of finding healthy eating options and that’s a mission I could wholeheartedly endorse. However, I couldn’t find myself as endeared to the meal I had recently. Soho is a busy strip for eating options and The Detox Kitchen boasts a crowd that makes you look twice. Fortunately with a MealFix order I was able to slip and out with my items in tow.


Today’s offering was the vegetarian frittata and two salads. The box looks great. It’s colourful, fresh and vibrant and lives up to the expectation visually. The menu is wholly¬†wheat, dairy and refined sugar-free and that may explains why things go a little amiss. The frittata tastes flat and under-seasoned, the lack of dairy made this end up tasting more like a mishmash of otherwise fine components. It was particularly wet, that’s not a description I find myself using or wanting to use for a frittata. A little cream doesn’t hurt. The salads were better, but still watery and lacking of flavour. It’s a case where I wish it tasted a notch up, as would love to be a regular. Gimme that gluten baby.


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