Snog, Soho, London

Snog, Soho, London

So much food, so little time. I’ve been procrastinating on checking out Snog for a little while now. Snog is right next to the regular street food market. On the times I’ve been interested, the size of the queue been a little off-putting. According to the locals in the office, it’s a bit of a hangouts for the teens and tweens. The rainbow of colours and lights confirms as much.

Snog Frozen Yoghurt

Snog plays the angle of “less guilt” desserts, the frozen yoghurt is fat free and sweetened with agave nectar. I can’t be bothered Googling if that means it is healthy or not so I’ll reserve my judgment there. I went for the salted caramel pour in classic size (£3.50) and I wasn’t feeling any of the toppings so went plain. If it’s already sweet and flavourful, surely you don’t need gummy bears to spoil the diet?

It’s fine, it’s a mooted salted caramel taste and the colour is very pale. Not overly sweet, not salty at all. It’s all too boring on its own and the toppings are rather expensive. Even two additions will set you back an extra £1.50. Like, you could go to the nearby Tesco and buy a full bag of Haribos. I’d like my froyo to be able to stand out without the toppings. There are plenty of places that can do it well. So I’ll pass on the next Snog.

It might be a cool place for the young kids to laugh at cringe punnage but you can take a selfie at the photo booth. True aficionados will look elsewhere.  A much better dessert option (but sugar laden): Gelupo



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