Cafe Shelley’s, Soho, London

Cafe Shelley’s, Soho, London

One of my absolute favourite chicken katsu curries in London, in one of the most surprising venues. Actually it’s a really strange mix at Cafe Shelley’s. It’s a sandwich bar, doing Turkish-type wraps, salads and jacket potatoes. Not other Japanese foods in sight. Rumour has it that it was the original Soho katsu curry having first opened its doors in 1975 and its evidently lasted the test of time.

She sells sea shells

I’m don’t know who Shelley is, but I sure want to know. She (or he) does a mean katsu curry. It’s an unusual mix at Shelley’s cafe due to the variety of the menu on offer. As well as the katsu curry, the kebabs seem like a popular option. And then there’s all the breakfast choices. It kinda works well and I can envision that it was a cafe borne out of the people’s choices. People wanted sandwiches, people wanted curries. Shelley’s knows a thing or two about keeping the crowds happy.

Name your size

The aforementioned curry comes in three sizes and three prizes (£5/6/7) and I went with the middle option as I had a middle-sized appetite. It’s a thought out preparation with rice coated in a tasty curry sauce, with savoury notes and chunks of root vegetables as well some flakes of extra chicken. This proves to me the use a proper chicken stock base, and you can taste the authenticity from the outset. Orders are taken and dished out in mere minutes.

Top London katsu curry

The curry did have that rich, savoury taste. No bones about it, so to speak. The katsu is thoughtfully placed on top with a golden crumb and and a crisp, satisfying bite. Super great serving size (especially so for the price) and an awesome lunch stop to have so close to the office. Will return to check out the other offerings, which were also popular with the queue.


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