Princi, Soho, London

Princi, Soho, London

Princi in Soho always packs a crowd. There’s ample seating for them too, as well as plenty of happening Italian menu items on offer. All the food’s mostly ready and so it’s efficient to order and take your seat. As a result, there’s not much in the way of service and that’s alright in a place like Soho.

Princi was bought to life by Alan Yau back in 2008. It was designed as an outpost of a Milanese bakery chain. Princi offers some very long hours, up to midnight most nights.

The interior and vibe at Princi is quite nice, minimalistic and clean. even with the loud company and a quirky tableside drinking fountain art piece thing. At least I think you can drink from it. The water tasted funny but all the water in the UK does. It makes for some entertaining company to dine to I guess. The tales are communal but even with the crowds finding a spot of solace isn’t too difficult.

I ordered in, one vegetarian lasagna and a side salad (which you can get two options for). This was slightly over the £10 mark. Ordering is a bit self-service which ends up being only slightly chaotic and means you need to work out everything you want to eat and drink in one go. The dine in option to the left of the entrance is serviced and as such, more calmer.

The lasagna was creamy, cheesy, well-made. I would have liked a bit more variety beyond the green beans (only mild gripe) and like all lasagna it does feel quite heavy. What, with all the cream, cheese and carbs. The pasta was fresh and tasty. The side salad was a complementary lightness, you don’t get too much of it on this size though. Pizzas appear to be the most popular and there’s plenty of sweet (Italian) treats on offer too. Nice meal, go join the crowds and check out Princi one lunchtime. By the way, next door is L’Eto Caffe and their cakes are very, very good.


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