Ping Pong, Soho, London

Ping Pong, Soho, London

The number eight is an auspicious number in Chinese culture, it reflects fortune and wealth. And triple 8 is even better. It also happens to be the price of Ping Pong‘s current lunch special. Only £8.88 for your fusion-Asian dumpling fix. There’s two basic options, one meat, one vege. I opted for the latter which gives you four dumplings and two sticky rice parcels.

That’s definitely not enough for one appetite, let alone mine. So I played pragmatically and I supplemented with the BBQ pork buns (£4.10). Ping Pong (the restaurant, not the sport) is quite prolific here in London. There’s nine stores and all the gravity of such a footprint hence the deals – and marketing!

On Sundays they offer a make-it-or-break it bottomless brunch dim sum option for £25. That has been tempting. On many occasions. I will end up biting the bullet and going for it at some stage with one of my just-as-greedy friends. After my little taster here, I’d very much be excited for this.

At Ping Pong the food is all steamed right in front of you. It’s fast and the dumplings and buns were great. The pastry is sticky but manageable and the fillings are flavourful and interesting. It’s less authentic but the flavours are clean and restrained. Ping Pong was one of the restaurant recommendations my friends Matt and Jamie had suggested to check out. And I can understand why.

Even the rice parcels had some vege paste inside which made them enjoyable (I had anticipated more plain-ish rice). And I was very content with the pork buns too. The fillings are proper and meaty and didn’t taste dodge as they can (and do) in some places. So I’d be bouncing back to Ping Pong in no time. Fun food, fast food. And on a Sunday so I can stuff my face for miles.


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