Lick Gelato, Soho, London

Lick Gelato, Soho, London

I came. I licked. I conquered. Lick Gelato is so handy to the office which is both exciting and dangerous. I headed inwards for a scoop of the cold stuff.  I went with the black sesame option after carefully analysing the options. And I found Lick Gelato quite good. Not as sweet at Gelupo, not as long as Four Winters. A little cheaper than the likes of Chin Chin Labs.

It’s become a bit of a crowded market in Soho when it comes to desserts. Pretty much smack back next door is the ultra good Chin Chin Labs, and within a short stroll are the likes of Gelupo, Snog, Snowflake and Four Winters. All of these have their own angles when it comes to the frozen treat.

When it comes to Lick Gelato, I’d say there’s is all about the wacky and whimsical flavours. Around twenty-four in fact. There’s also a couple of options that are gluten, egg or dairy free too, so everyone can join in on the fun. The store itself is on the small side but there are a few tables should need to get off your feet for a minute.

I found the result to be perfectly fine ice-cream and unfussy service as per the description on Google. It’s refreshing that Lick Gelato is an independent store, and that they offer such an interesting range of flavours. The flavours change from time-to-time and I enjoyed my one. Back to the black sesame, there’s a great creamy texture and some lovely savoury nuttiness, without being overly sweet. It compares well to the other black sesame desserts I’ve had.

That’s one more dessert option all licked up. I would be happy to go back to Lick Gelato in rotation with a few of the other places already mentioned above.


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