Gail’s Bakery, Soho, London

Gail’s Bakery, Soho, London

Gail’s Bakery is an artisan bakery chain in London. I’ve been to two of their stores and had some mixed results. It’s not the cheapest thing either. Gail’s Bakery do know their bread and they do a most excellent job of it. The name comes from Gail Mejia, a baker who introduced the founders to the delights of world class bakery. No longer confined to the reaches of top restaurants, you can get your fix of gourmet breadstuffs at a Gail’s near you.

gails bakery burger

Bread here

I was stoked with my first visit to a Gail’s Bakery. In a place like Soho the pricing doesn’t feel so outrageous, compared to when you’re in the suburbs. I had the parmesan chicken sandwich and one of the sausage rolls. It’s already prepared and ready, so the tradeoff is getting food in a hurry whilst not getting the most freshly made thing. I like the flavours of the chicken and both the bread and pastry are divine. There’s some mastery of bakery on show here.

gails bakery quiche

Bad eggs

But it’s not always consistent. I was very disappointed by the quiche lorraine. This was encroaching on £5 here too. From the bird’s eye view it’s a happy little quiche but once I bit inside, I found it largely hollow. But props out to their customer service, they did offer me a voucher for a repeat visit which was a kind gesture.

gails bakery victoria


The third visit saw me returning to the Victoria to sample their vegetarian burger (something with zucchini, cream cheese and pickle) as well as the spinach and feta roll. But again, I can’t saw I was overly satisfied with either thing or the coffee. Service was also super awkward at this store, not sure what it was. So I’d open(ish) to come back to Gail’s in the future, but maybe I’d stick to just picking up a loaf of bread.


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