Five Guys, Soho

Five Guys, Soho

In between interviews I needed extraordinary amounts of carbs, so I ventured into the nearby Five Guys outlet for my first taste of their American-originated burger stylings. It’s a busy little venue, with streams of hungry office patrons and the like. It boasts lots of praise about their burgers, which already has me wary.

It’s a (kind of) narrow menu at Five Guys. It’s all about customisation, you can specify how many of the fifteen toppings you want, and you can have all of them if you want. I suppose that’s the novelty of the brand. Being able to add on everything to excess and not have to fork out additional pennies for it.

I had the £9ish cheese burger, £2.25 small fries and there’s complimentary peanuts which is a fun but odd touch. This makes it on the more expensive side of things for the burger market, but there’s two juicy patties as well as the unlimited additions.

five guys burger peanuts london

You wait counter-side for your burger which arrives – juicy, tender, sloppy and scrumptious. It’s a highly messy eat but the patty and cheese is very good quality. There’s also the random-as toppings, I had mushroom, onion (not grilled as thought), lettuce and mayo. I’m not the target market for those type of franchise, since I prefer my burgers simple and plain. As the burgers are hot off the grill and seeping meaty juices the bun gets quite soggy, quite quickly.

five guys covent garden

The fries – cool that they’re handmade in store and cooked in peanut oil – end up being just okay. Something about the potatoes make them less addictive as the ones back home. There’s a certain dryness to the fry that makes it feel lesser.

I guess that’s good for my health though, and you do get heaps of fries even on a small. So yeah, Five Guys reminds me of the quality of Royal Stacks back home but less interesting in the fillings. You get more options and more fillings but it doesn’t feel overly exciting.

five guys kitchen covent garden


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