Eat Tokyo, Soho, London

Eat Tokyo, Soho, London

My jaw dropped when I saw the size of the Eat Tokyo Soho katsu curry of my neighbour. £9 gets you an insanely large bowl with surely what must be a kilo of rice, curry and what, five individual breasts of chicken? It’s all so overwhelming and the smells were alright. Eat Tokyo is a super popular cheap Japanese eatery that’s all across London.

Eat Tokyo, eat happy

I get why people love Eat Tokyo, well, mainly because it’s cheap. But I do find some of the quality questionable. The curry picture at the end is what I’m talking about though. I’d reckon you could feed a family of four with that size meal. But what corners must be cut to get to that low of a price point I do wonder? Or some magic.

Box magic

I was a bit more tamer with my own selection for lunch. But still ended up spending about the same, for my chicken karage bento box. I substituted the sushi for something non-seafood (pickles lol) and it was a huge portion, with salad and agedashi tofu as well. The flavours were good and there was a lot of them. Chicken quality feels just okay, and the pickles and salad are the usual standard fare. Most of the bento I was more than content with given the price. I did have a salty aftertaste later on, so may be MSG-y or maybe it was salt.

Cheap and cheerful

Can’t go wrong at that price point, though split with a friend (or two!) and give the massive curry a go. There’s eight branches of Eat Tokyo around London and they’ve been going for a good while. Whilst the staff at Eat Tokyo Soho weren’t all Japanese the food could have fooled otherwise. I had a less than pleasant (after) experience with the Holborn branch so that’s the main thing putting me of going back in a hurry.


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