Cutter & Squidge, Soho, London

Cutter & Squidge, Soho, London

The sandwich cookie delights of Cutter & Squidge are a right showstopper. Heads were turned. I was glad I gave it a go and it was tasty enough, but at £3.90 it’s a little outrageously priced for two biscuits and a marshmallow. I went with the Raspberry s’more which features a vanilla cookie, raspberry and marshmallow. And everything sandwiched and sandwich is delightful.

In their little store in Soho, many tastebuds are delighted by the workings of Cutter & Squidge. The store was started by two sisters (no, that’s not their real names). (Or maybe it is). According to their website they claim they are a bit health conscious and not fans of fatty or sugar laden foods. But that doesn’t make sense with what’s on offer at all. The cookie sandwich  was one of the the most sugary, nutrient-deficient things I’ve eaten to date. Not that I mind that, but inserting a health angle? And the cakes are whipped with a hell of a lot of buttercream.

cutter & squidge cabinet soho

Annoying like Pret, Cutter & Squidge also dangle the ‘natural’ angle which means absolutely nothing. These two things have made me cringe, but I do like the quality of the cookie sandwich.

I should use some proper terminology. They call their cookie sandwich a ‘biskie’. The fillings range from marshmallows, jams, caramel, creams and other delights. They have made some alterations to reduce the amount of sugar/ fat but this is still indulgent eating.

cutter & squidge raspberry smore soho

So let’s get eating. The marshmallow is homemade and a pillowy fluffiness. The touch of toasting brings out the royal marshmallow flavour. The raspberry cream is tasty without being overpowering and the vanilla cookie holds up well enough. So no real complaints other than the price. I liked it enough but not enough to want to buy another in a hurry. The cakes looked awesome, so that’s probably my go to for a return visit. I’d wish they just lose the health/ natural thing.


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