Chipotle, Soho, London

Chipotle, Soho, London

Of all the mass-type Mexican chains in London, I rate Chipotle the best burrito so far. I’ve only had Chipotle exactly one other time. That was in back in its home country of the US. Chipotle first started some twenty four years ago and it’s exploded globally with over two thousand stores today.

Here in the UK it’s a little more muted with six stores. I ventured into the Soho one on a rainy Summer’s afternoon (that’s most afternoons here in London, kidding). But not kidding.

My choice for my lunch situation was for the chicken burrito with a filling of everything. Lots of chunky meats, they don’t hold back and that’s a good thing. And I like the mix of the fillings. The lime-coriander rice is a step from the boring ol’ plain stuff and the beans are done well. It’s not dripping with juices which you can get sometimes on your burrito mitts. I do feel the ingredients the use at Chipotle are a cut above the norm. Things are fresh and look good even before they get all rolled up.

There used to be a chain called California Burrito back in Auckland that I loved. But unfortunately the couple who started that business ended up falling out and selling it. The point of the story is this burrito sorta reminds me of those ones. Other burrito chains in London: TortillaChilango, Benito’s Hat.

The service is nice and quick at Chipotle, you’re in and out without too much hassle. A part of me does sigh when I get to the counter. I think about all the hard questions and choices I have to make. For example, do I pay the extra for the guacamole? My final point for Chipotle is that  even for a burrito it does look appetising. That’s rarer. There’s some variety of colour and the size is right so it looks good. And tastes good. And that’s good.


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