BRGR.Co, Soho, London

BRGR.Co, Soho, London

BRGR.Co in Soho was my first taste of a new eating out program called MealPal. This subscription service started out in the states before making its way to London. How it works is that you pay a set amount (£4.60) for pre-paid, pre-ordered lunches. At the time the first three meals were free, though the offer has long since changed.

Where’s the sauce

Up first was BRGR.CO which offered a classic but ever tantalising cheeseburger with fries. I got in a few minutes early (of my order time) which was ideal for getting in with minimal sog. I often worry with take out and delivery food about losing all that wonderful crispiness. It’s one of the reasons I chose to eat in when I can. Well, that, and the fact I can get a tantalising snap.

Oddly, at BRGR.CO they don’t put any condiments on the burger and I kinda missed it. Luckily, the staff gave me some mayo on the side before I made it back. EDIT: lots of burger places don’t use sauce at all. It’s so different to back home! Now I feel silly always making a scene asking where’s the sauce?

A good beginning

The chips were a huge size and the tastiest I’ve had here so far, so props on that. The patty was a nice red, but lacked a bit of flavour, especially without any friends like bacon or sauce. It’s quite a stripped back bite. Awesome value with the MealPal package and that could be highly addictive in time. The staff at BRGR.CO were super nice and I liked the convenience of the MealPal package a lot. Skipping that queue makes such a difference when you’re on a tight lunch timeframe. I’d only suggest making sure you arrive a little ahead of time to get the food at its peak.


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