Bibimbap, Soho, London

Bibimbap, Soho, London

For my very last office lunch in Soho, the guys and I headed around the corner to Bibimbap. As you can imagine, it’s a focus on the the signature Korean hot stone bowls of the same name. I do find there is a lot less Korean dining options compared to say, Melbourne or Auckland. Bibimbap literally translates in Korean to “mixed rice’ and the dish was conceived as a means to use up one’s leftovers.

Bibimbap Menu Soho Review

These days it’s a bespoke experience and at Bibimbap you can choose what kind of rice, topping and if you want an egg as well. It’s at a neat price, most of the options would easily end up under £10. As well as the meat/mushroom/ tofu inclusion, most bibimbaps will include carrot, daikon, bean sprouts, spinach,, cabbage and mushroom. The illustrated ingredients are uber cute too.

I also got a side of the Korean fried chicken which I quite enjoyed, I did find the pieces not so meaty though. It’s fine as a side but you wouldn’t get full on this like at Gami. It was coating heavy but a nice coating at that. A more lighter type of soy/ honey mixture.

The bibimbap is a generous size and the beef I had on mine was very tasty. There’s the diverse mix of vegetables for mixing in and I enjoyed the bibimbap like I always do. The high temperature of the bowl keeps it toasty for a good while and that’s the best component of the dish. This in a way, encourages you to take your time and savour every bite. There’s the crisp rice that sizzles at the bottom which adds a level of crunch. Whilst Bibimbap does offer takeaway, it would exclude this very desirable experience. I did find the flavour a little lacking, so do dive in with the soy and Gojuchang.


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