Eden’s Cottage, Finsbury Park, London

Eden’s Cottage, Finsbury Park, London

I enjoy irony hunting as much as the next middle-class, poverty tourist hipster. But truth be told, I simply want fried chicken dammit. The houses of chicken are an intriguing institution and there are so many of these stores here in the UK. The ever so popular Chicken Connoisseur YouTuber spoke at length about the quality of Eden’s Cottage in Finsbury Park. Fortunately for me, this was near my first base in London and I was stoked to try it for myself.

Cheap as chips

It’s insane how cheap it all is. This goes for all the chicken shops here in Finsbury Park and across all of London. At Eden’s Cottage for a mere £4.30 I had the fillet burger combo with three wings, fries and a drink. The wings were so peng! And worthy of a visit alone. Everything else is meh and standard.

Fresh from the frier, crispy with a good spice, the wings were up their with the K-Fed and at a fraction of the price. The fillet burger isn’t quite as good as the strip burger. All basic stuff with fried meat shape, lettuce, mayo and bun. All exceedingly cheap with the prices make you wonder how they get to these prices.

Stick to the wings

Fries, or chips, are the only really disappointing aspect of Eden’s Cottage. Run of the mill frozen variety that you do happen to get a lot of. I’ve been back to Eden’s Cottage a fair few times and broadened out to sample things like the nuggets and tenders. But I always find myself going back to the wings. Hot (temperature wise), crispy and a good level of seasoning.

On a wing and a prayer

The bossman (or should that be men) are a bit all over the shop. Sometimes Eden’s Cottage has efficient service but other times it feels like everyone is moving at death’s pace. Still, one of the best little chicken shops you can find in London.

4/5 (mainly wings)

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