London Food Map: Restaurants You Need To Check Out

London Food Map: Restaurants You Need To Check Out

For a while I’ve been collating all the restaurant recommendations I get from people so I have a ‘hit list’ of quality places in London I can check out. I was doing all sorts of spreadsheets, then realised something with a geographical aspect would be immensely useful. So if I’m in a certain area, I’ll have some ideas on what’s around that’s good. My friend Joey also showed me how to make custom maps in Google Maps and -bam- the London Good Eatin’ map was born.

Without further adieu, here is my/ our/ the map (which you can expand):

Extra tip: you can also add it to your Google Maps My Maps for easy access on your phone.

There is a bit of a legend here. The colours denote the source of the recommendation. Some I’ve gathered from the likes of Zomato, Tripadvisor, the Michelin Guide. The quality of information sources varies. I’m a fan of Zomato for example, not so big on Tripadvisor for the reason being that the former generally shows the favourites of the locals whereas the latter points towards tourist hotspots. Time Out is a bit skewed at times.

Plenty of people will disagree with some inclusions, and no doubt I probably even do too! Different days call for different orders, different staff might make for better or worse service, its all subjective.

Amongst all that opinion there is usually some consensus on what is good or not. A few places like Dishoom, Tayyabs, Hoppers always seem to have consistently good feedback. And other fancier dining options might not have as much opinions at all – plus the price tag makes for a completely different experience.

Hopefully you can find some ideas, some favourites, some familiar names. And if there’s anything else that you can think of, I will happily take suggestions. In fact, the vibrant and ever-changing food scene of London makes it such a joy to be a part of. New restaurants, old restaurants – I want to eat (and review) at them all!