Plum + Split Milk – Great Northern Hotel, King’s Cross, London

Plum + Split Milk – Great Northern Hotel, King’s Cross, London

I visited Plum and Split Milk off the back of this Hot Dinners offer I had. 50% off the weekend brunch menu price was enticing and the food and venue looked upper class to boot. It ended up being a bit snobby in service but the eating for the most part is crowd pleasing.

plum split milk coffee

Start your morning

With bargains to be had, I ordered three items being the Irish potato cakes with bacon and egg (£12), duck slaw salad (£11.50) and the plum and split milk dessert. Three friends were along for the savings. We were well looked after with all dishes satisfactory. Of my choices I enjoyed the duck salad the most. The potato cakes were a bit more pedestrian (I’ve had better bacon for cheaper) and the signature dessert was tasty but not stellar. It’s a fantastic space and there’s some fantastic food on offer. With a touch equal attention to the food as their is to the design, and you’ll be onto a winner.

duck salad

The duck salad with peashoots whilst not huge, was the only standout from the dishes I had consumed. The crispy and delicate slices of the breast pack a flavour punch with a satisfying contrast with the sweetness of the slaw. Feeling inspired.

plum split milk big breakfast

Somewhat big breakfast

Rob’s choice was for the big breakfast with a touch of everything. It wasn’t the biggest though, but I did inspire my first love with the mystery that is black pudding. For a breakfast option, the presentation was lacking. The ceilings, walls and tableware is immaculate. But then the plates arrive and it seems like it was all just placed there. Don’t get me wrong, I still very much happy with the food delivered. I’m thinking of what it would take to get to a 8.5 or (imagine) 9.

bacon eggs potato bread

The potato cakes were fine, and the eggs and bacon were there. The bacon had a pleasant smokiness but it wasn’t one of the better bacon slices I’ve had. A little forgettable.

avocado pesto toast

The girls both desire to position themselves outside of the housing market, so went with the smashed avocado option on toast. It has a pesto dressing akin to the one I had at Pimlico Fresh. But I thought the latter was considerably more impressive. And cheaper. The diners seemed happy enough with the plate.

plum split milk dessert

The signature dish

Never to let a sugary end escape me, my final outing was the signature plum and split milk dessert. Not even sure why this was an option for the brunch, but hey, I’m not complaining. The plum isn’t quite as soft as I would have expected. But the syrup and milk gelato are nice enough. Taste was a bit too sharp, and that was against the sweetness of the pudding.


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