Highness Cafe, Highbury, London

Highness Cafe, Highbury, London

The Highness Cafe in Highbury holds a special place in my heart. It was my very first eat in London and it ended up being (almost) my last eat in the city too. From my first impression I thought London was going to be all about cakes and bacon things. And guess where we ended up 1.5 years later…

New starts and bites

The London life begins. My first European brunch was at a local favourite, the Highness Cafe in Highbury. It was a short, snowy stroll from the flat that made for a poetic introduction to things this side of the hemisphere. Wow. Snow!

I was feeling peckish so went for the carbs-caffeine-sugar combo of cake, sandwich and coffee. I had been in a plane for almost twelve hours, so I deserved it, at least I thought. Of the three the carrot cake with orange and berry cream left the best impression. The cake was moist and the cream, whilst thick, was light and airy with a delightful sweetness.

The Highness Cafe has a quaint neighbourhood charm and there’s plenty of seating over the two levels. The bacon, cranberry and brie sandwich (£4.50) was a cool mix (there’s so many menu options) but did leave too much of a salty aftertaste (there’s a lot of bacon).

Can’t say the macchiato hit the spot yet, I’m still missing my Melbourne brews. There’s lots of home baking and friendly staff here to boot. A good start to things!

And again

Me again. I made another trip to the Highness Cafe and had another worthwhile experience. Lovely staff, lovely cakes, who can complain? This time I had another of the cakes… can’t quite remember other than it was good and I liked the cosiness of the Highness Cafe a lot. And like that, my time in London was coming to a close.


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