East Street, Fitzrovia, London

East Street, Fitzrovia, London

There’s a growing weariness around any (and the many) attempts at Asian fusion at restaurants, and London (outside of Chinatown) is so full of them. London has such a different take on South-East Asian cuisine to what I’m so very used to. But there’s really nothing to be scared of. Fortunately, a self-aware restaurant called East Street did it justice on this afternoon venture.

Go east

I picked up the chicken Nasi goreng for my lunch fix, this being a lightly spiced, slightly sour fried rice twist. An outrageously large portion size with bonus prawn crackers (most still crispy, only a few succumbed to sog). This was the takeaway option, but it travelled quite well.

Fried rice, very nice

I was pleased with this meal, there was enough of it and it was a tantalising combo. The fried shallots were a crunchy topper, with cucumber, fresh tomato and green beans helping this fried rice dish avoid feeling heavy. Chicken pieces, there were enough of them and they tasted satisfactory. I’d be more than tempted to sample some of their other fare in the full, in-store dining experience.

A return

Update: and I did! I did a team lunch there, where I ordered the imperial pork belly rice dish. It ended up being a fried rice, and was tasty, but could have done with slightly more meat. The second visit upped my rating for East Street a small bit. I like the ambience of the venue (prawn crackers everywhere) and the staff were warm and friendly. I do feel it accidentally ordered another fried rice when I was kinda hoping for meat with rice.

It’s a bit of an imitation to a proper Asian meal, but the portion sizes are good and the twists make it a more healthier, lighter approach. I personally prefer more punchier flavours but this will do for now. I’ll probably find myself back at East Street at some point in the future, I like the location and the venue too.


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