Dim T, Fitzrovia, London

Dim T, Fitzrovia, London

There’s a review for this place that simply summarised “the quality of the dim sum of horrific… but it at least has the decency to be cheap”.  I was more complimentary. I was content with my recent outing, we were out for a leaving lunch for one of the office. Dim T Charlotte Street is in a beautiful, modern setting. The al fresco seating would have been fantastic for the incoming afternoon rays. As a pan-Asian restaurant, nothing on the menu has much authenticity in taste. You’d be forgiven if you thought these weren’t Asian dishes.

Pot of luck

Mine was the £9.25 claypot chicken. The less desirable chicken breast is the choice here, and inclusions of dates, mushrooms, veges in a oyster and soy sauce. Meant to be in a traditional clay pot, but not actually in a traditional clay pot, let alone a modern clay pot. Lol. Rice was separate, only slightly outrageous. I enjoyed the dish though, not so much for a traditional taste but as a competent stir fry. The use of chicken was too safe  and would have preferred a thicker, multi-layered level of flavours in the sauce.

Use your noodle

Dishes at Dim T are presented with masses of leaves/ shallots/ beansprouts across some of the ordered noodle dishes. I felt that did themselves a disservice in hiding away the yummy looking food underneath. Service was fantastic from our person, though the kitchen was incrementally slower than I would have liked. That could have been because I was hungry, but then again, that is often the case.

Above are two of the noodle dishes, one being the beef teriyaki udon and the other being the vegan-appropriate substituted yakisoba. Despite the price parity, the servings at Dim T aren’t the hugest, so would recommend getting a side along to ensure a completion of an appetite.


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