Tonkotsu East, Dalston, London

Tonkotsu East, Dalston, London

This last week has a seen a whirlwind of flat viewings as I embark on my next quest to relocate. Since my work is now out east, there’s not so much reason to stay in Westminster, plus I’m lazy and love a commute to work on foot. This evening saw me heading to Haggerston for a viewing, and I picked up a bowl of tonkotsu from Tonkotsu East along the way! Warm, rich broths with satisfying carbs in a hurry was the perfect accompaniment. No doubt I would later be having some disappointment when confronted with the realities of the London rental market.

tonkotsu east design

Familiar ramen chain

The design of Tonkotsu East is inviting. Warm and neatly spaced out. I set perched by the counter, awaiting my little bowl of heaven from the counter. Whilst the broth here takes some crazy amount of hours for preparation, the food arrives to you in mere minutes. Which is perfect as I didn’t have too much time before I needed to head in.

tonkotsu east dalston london

There is a reassuringly limited menu; stick to what you know, right? My choice from Tonkotsu East this day was the standard Tonkotsu (£11). This is sold as a rich, sea-salt-based pork stock with thin noodles served with pork belly, egg, menma, bean sprouts and spring onion. You get exactly that.

Soup kitchen

I enjoyed this bowl. The broth has a nice level of saltiness and the pork belly and marinated egg were both very excellently done. In fact, I enjoyed the soup so much I ended up consuming most of it. The noodles here are well cooked and handmade, the service was prompt. The result ends up being like the Tonkotsu branch in Soho, so extra marks for consistency.

I didn’t up warming to either of the flats I saw following my dinner but there’s a good chance I’ll be back to Tonkotsu East in a hurry.


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