The Vurger Co, Shoreditch, London

The Vurger Co, Shoreditch, London

In my ever continuing quest to find a vegan burger I really love, I head to The Vurger Co in Shoreditch. The name might seem industrial but the burgers are quite inspired, and a little out of the usual vegan cookery books 101.

Vurger Tonight

The Vurger Co sits in a bit of a corporate-like spot (although in Shoreditch) and it feels more like a juice bar than a hipster joint. The design is all very clean and there’s a few outside tables to help get the most out of the rare London sun. It wasn’t too busy on my visit, just the beginning of lunchtime and a few office drones making their way from their concrete towers.

The menu at The Vurger Co is stripped down with just four burgers to select from. Mine was the Holy Habanero (£8.45) which consists of a corn fritter, slaw, tortilla chips, spice almonds and chilli mayo.

Meal deals

Oh! Mildly annoyed. They have a couple of offers that I could have totally taken advantage of. One is 10% off for students and another is a £10 weekday lunchtime combo that includes a side and a drink. I find it pretty expensive for what you get so either of the two deals may have made it more worthwhile.

Anyway back to The Vurger Co. The food’s done in a few moments and than I can happily nibble on my non-deal lunchtime. The patty’s nice, would have preferred it a little more on the deep-fried side so it had that crunch. It would remind me of the corn fritter sandwiches that we use to make back at home.

I suppose the Vurger Co are going for the healthier angle side of things. So the whole thing ends up being okay, but something I don’t think I’d be running back for. For a vegan burger mission – between the Vurger Co and Mooshies on Brick Lane I think I prefer Mooshies a little bit more, the vibe there was a little more on the fun side.