The Breakfast Club, Spitalfields, London

The Breakfast Club, Spitalfields, London

One thing I’ve struggled to understand in London – everyone seems to love The Breakfast Club? I’ve given it a few goes, in multiple locations and it’s never been an above average on any aspect for me. Not sure if I’m missing something, but here’s a roundup of my attempts with The Breakfast Club in Spitalfields.

Firstly, there’s a queue. A queue means its going to be good right? That logic never works. Spoiler alert: I don’t think it’s worth the wait, I mean, I don’t think it’s even worth it if there isn’t a wait? If you go early enough, or late enough it’s not too long. The Breakfast Club isn’t a breakfast only experience. They do burgers, drinks and of course this Spitalfields branch is a little bit special. There’s a fridge that disguises the entrance to a connected bar (Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town) and it’s one of five Breakfast Clubs that have this novelty.

Chorizo no?

Maybe I’m ordering the wrong things. A lot of the menu does read like a dirty fry up and that’s generally a good thing. My choice was the chorizo hash (£9) with chorizo (duh!), peppers, mushroom, potatoes, poached egg and lemon and feta sauce. Firstly I started off with a coffee from the bar and no, I didn’t rate that.

Then the Chorizo plate arrived and I kinda of lost my appetite a little. It’s so sloppy and everything looks like it’s been rolled around in grease. Maybe if I was hungover this would be the exact thing I would crave. But for a jolly start to the morning it did not go down such a treat. It’s the equivalent of my student days when you take leftover roast potatoes, fry up a sausage and imagine it is real cuisine.

Sweet ending?

Maybe their sweet stuff is better? Again, there’s a massive queue, which I don’t mind but half the restaurant is empty. Something weird seems to be happening with the front of house staff tonight. Only one lady is actively taking orders and is apologetic for the poor service experience. This time it’s night and I’m giving them one final chance with a dessert. We get the pancake and berries and this is will be my last visit!


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