Lahore Kebab House, Whitechapel, London

Lahore Kebab House, Whitechapel, London

Legendary kebab house Lahore Kebab House offers delicious, tantalising Pakistani cuisine. And luckily for me, it’s the closest restaurant to my home. Along with a BYO option for drinks, you trade off having decent service and sticky floors for getting authentic curries, grills and breads. An option well worth sharing for a crowd and bringing your own drinks helps to keep it a cut price affair.

Legendary kebabs

My friends Rob and Anne love this place. And for that reason it was actually meant to be my first dinner here in London. But as circumstances would have it, the store was renovating at the time and instead I headed to the still good Tayyabs. Between the two, I prefer the food of Lahore Kebab House, but the service of Tayyabs. It’s actually pretty shoddy service here at Lahore, you have to do a jig to get the attention of the (very busy) servers. All quite slow, and the food arrives at weird intervals.

Lahore is a bustling venue on a Friday night but it’s also a very big restaurant. I haven’t seen it all but two gigantic dining spaces downstairs and more tables upstairs. The wait to get in isn’t too bad, even for us it was under ten minutes. Oh yeah, and I’ve been twice to Lahore Kebab House so far. Each visit you get a plate of the salad, and then there’s quite an array of Pakistani (and other influences) dishes to order from.

Meat your maker

My favourite dishes so far include the lamb chops (and the saag paneer. But my last visit I tried the sweet Peshiwari naan with desiccated coconut and this was rather yum too! There’s a bit of spice to some of the grilled meats like the tandoor chicken, but it’s all manageable. I usually order a mix of the grilled meats, a curry and some naan. Each dish is under £10 and is very shareable. Not a place that’s so good for a solo occasion.

Or even a date occasion! It’s very nice and not very clean. The bathroom was rather disgraceful. But as food goes, it’s a total winner. The butter chicken they serve here is unrecognisable to the orange ones we have back in Australia and New Zealand. I prefer the more shameless version we have, but this tastes of authenticity and proper-ness. There’s also the lamb chop curry, but that’s only available on Fridays.

Saag paneer – always one of my favourite dishes! The Lahore Kebab House version is very good. Fried, crisp paneer cubes in a spiced spinach-based mix. I did find the rice on the dry side here.

So that’s a brief summary of my two experiences at Lahore Kebab House so far. I dislike the service and level of cleanliness, but have mad respect for the food. Well worth it and delicious. It’s also a place that’s handy even just for the BYO option – perfect for a big group night out.


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