Efes Restaurant, Whitechapel, London

Efes Restaurant, Whitechapel, London

In Whitechapel our culinary religion is in grilled meats. And there’s plenty of places to worship, from: Tayyabs, Lahore Kebab House, Maedah Grill and here at Efes Restaurant. Turkish in design and originally founded in 1975, Efes Restaurants continues the high standards of the locale.  Find delicious and satisfying grilled meats and Turkish cuisine as part of the offering.

efes turkish restaurant

Turkish dining

We headed into Efes Restaurant for our work lunch. A decent sized group without too much delays to the food. I walk past Efes Restaurant a lot. It’s central on Whitechapel Road and hard to miss. There’s four other locations dotted around London too. Whilst you can make a booking at Efes Restaurant, I didn’t feel you needed to, at least at lunchtime. It does get packed though!

efes whitechapel

The table ordered a mix of everything. I kept things simple with the chicken shish. I think it’s a little on the expensive side at £13, perhaps I’m comparing it to some of the other Turkish cuisine that I’ve had in North London. Also high as a lunch option. Can’t remember if service was extra. As with other Turkish restaurants, you get some pita and salad for the table to share so that’s always a bonus.

efes turkish aldgate east chicken

Up in my grill

The fries with my shish weren’t hot. That was my only real disappointment with the experience at Efes Restaurant. The chicken is well seasoned and with a bit of juice, so nice that it hasn’t been fried to oblivion. There is an enjoyable smokiness and the portion size comes out at about right too. We had such lovely service. Our rosy-cheeked waiter was rather adorable and I’d like to have found the Disney film that he escaped from.

efes vegetarian

I should also add the menu at Efes Restaurant is huge. There’s lots to satisfy everyone no matter what their dietary habits happen to be that day or week. It’s a low fuss, popular spot that is an easy recommendation when it comes to Turkish dining in the central east.