Coqfighter Chicken & Beer, Shoreditch, London

Coqfighter Chicken & Beer, Shoreditch, London

For a London food blog, I haven’t done much London restaurant reviews lately at all! That’s because my plans changed a bit and I ended up traveling for a while. As I’m continuing to do so. In between all of that I always return back to my London base after each trip. I had a friend new to the land and joining the London crew.  With appetite in tow we headed over to Boxpark Shoreditch for a taste of Coqfighter Chicken and Beer.

Coqfighting fun

Finger licking good? I haven’t had so much of the fried bird since being in London. As this blog is any evidence, I’m a sucker for the handy chicken shop that charges mere coins for a dozen wings (read: Eden Cottage). The plethora of chicken shops everywhere (depending on your postcode, of course) is insane in London. I’ll miss it a little, although I would say the quality is like playing a roulette table.

Black or red? Coqfighter Chicken & Beer in Shoreditch’s Boxpark represents one of the more modern, hipper takes on the humble fried chicken. I mean, look at the menu – it’s £6 for five wings. Back in Eden Cottage-land that will get you two strip burgers, two chips and gazillion wings. The ones at Coqfighter are of course, a little more special – they’re twice fried, battered in vodka and sesame and served with a soy and garlic glaze. Fancy!

Paint it soy and ginger

The presentation is a little bit weird, you have a paintbrush that you need to apply over your sauce. And there’s so little sauce! Back in second home Melbourne, Gami will drench your wings in sauce, the way I like it. Here you have a tiny vessel. To their credit, Coqfighter does give you more sauce on request, but you have to ask for it each time and it’s still in the tiny vessel. Not sure if we were just really hungry, but it took a little bit longer than we would have liked.

In terms of how the wings taste, they’re pretty good. The marinade and the coating make for an exciting experience, with some relatively unexpected flavours in the chicken. Not sure if they were super generous or super bad at counting but we ended up with quite a few extra wings too.

My main was the burger anyhow. I had the original which is panko-fried thigh with lettuce, onion, smoked sambal mayo and Korean hot sauce. Don’t worry, it was barely spicy at all. Huge burger and huge patty and good construction. (Not quite like the feature pic by a bit). There’s also bao and quite a few sides if you need something else on your plate.

Overall I enjoyed my experience with Coqfighter. I should also mention when I went that I used my CityMunch app to get 30% off which is a nice bonus. The burger was rather good, the wings were of a different, but quality cut and the service was all friendly. A nice fast food-like venue, although does have the same sense of crampiness as everything else in Boxpark. Give me much more sauce though!