Cook Daily, Shoreditch, London

Cook Daily, Shoreditch, London

Shoreditch has been what Fitzroy was to me when it comes to vegetarian and vegan dining in London. Despite that, I don’t really come up with too many recommendations when asked. But a venue that does stick out is Cook Daily in Shoreditch’s Boxpark. It has a great combo of menu variety, laidback setting and easy prices. Only tip is to avoid any busy hours as it’s a slow food experience.

Vegan lunching

Vegan chef King Cook (what a name!) has created a must-visit destination for fans of vegan dining in London. Despite the size of the city there hasn’t been that many options, although Shoreditch is a bit more of a haven for it.

Being in Boxpark there’s a hive of activity in the venue, with plenty of people grabbing their meals, served in recycled cardboard containers. There is a bit of a wait on busy lunchtimes for the food, but it’s well worth it. People watching is superb, expect to see some of East London’s finest cool kids and their various tattoos and hair and attire.

There’s 16/17 menu items on offer at Cook Daily, and whilst that might seem limited for a typical restaurant, it represents a huge variety for a vegan joint. There’s so many good and tasty things on offer here. And even better, they’re all the same price – £8.50. In typical London fashion, there’s a meal deal sort of offer too with a smoothie included for only a few pounds more.

The only downside of Cook Daily is the wait time. Was it fifteen minutes on my phone? And this was outside of peak. If I was here on a lunch time it would have sucked up a good chunk of my day’s freedom. Like other stores in Boxpark, the sheer boxiness of the design can make it feel cramped/ warm when waiting too.

Curry in a hurry

I went for the Wagamama x Cook Daily joint venture which was a katsu curried udon noodles with wok fried vegetables, topped with shichimi coated vegan chicken (or tofu) with a sesame yuzu dressing and crispy coconut maple bacon. Fancy, right?

The flavours blur somewhat (mainly a curry flavour appears) but it’s a huge size and full of veges which is great. I liked the fried vegan chicken thing which tastes weird but good. I could have done with more of it, only a few pieces are present. I thought what Cook Daily is doing was admirable – quite fun at a reasonable price. So it’s an easy recommendation for a vegan meal.