Wagamama, Covent Garden, London

Wagamama, Covent Garden, London

As I love to mention to anyone I meet, I used to work at a Wagamama’s. It’s such a thing here, and back at home no-one really went near it. And something curious always seems me returning to dine at one. Not sure what it is, but on this occasion we were after a fixed time meal before our showing of Kinky Boots and it sounded like a good bet for Wagamama Covent Garden.

Wagamama are generally quite busy here, and there was enough diners inside to reassure that it would be a decent feed. There was still some sun on this day, so we took one of the remaining courtyard spaces. Service does become a bit more lacking at this level, but I can’t blame the staff for not wanting to go up and down stairs all day.

I hoped for something reasonably quick, there’s nothing like the panic of being late to a show. From memory the goal at Wagamama was to achieve a cover under 45 minutes. This would ensure we can get lots of diners in and out of the restaurant to maximise profits.

I ordered the teriyaki chicken donburi at £9.95. I didn’t care for the kimchi but the chicken has a nice, grill coat. This is also one of the newer menu items, or at least one that wasn’t seen down in New Zealand. Wish there was more of the chicken, it feels more like a salad than a doburi as it is.

There’s a disproportionate amount of carrots and leaves, but the teriyaki flavour in the sauce is nice. It does need more of it. And from memory, you can request this. From memory, I might even know the recipe. For a functional mealtime, Wagamama Covent Garden was reliable and the teriyaki chicken donburi did the trick for me. And then we were off to some glittery shoes.



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