Mamie’s, Covent Garden, London

Mamie’s, Covent Garden, London

When I’ve ordered flamb√© crepes, I expect some flames dammit. Unfortunately my mid-afternoon experience at Mamie’s was that one ended up in flames. I’m a grand fan of the humble galette/ crepe (see Roule Galette), and was excited to check out the venue after seeing some pics and reviews. It looks like a got a bad toss of the coin, with service a shambles over my particular visit.

Service at Mamie’s started off poor, no-one came up to me as I tried to figure out the system. Waitress one was actually smoking in the doorway so her fumes were blowing into the store. And into my face. Great, I didn’t realise second hand smoke was on the menu. Also is that legal? Anyway, she was busy chatting up a customer/ business partner/ owner (?) and not attending to customers at all. If she’s on break that’s fine but I couldn’t tell.

Anyway I plonked myself to a table, grabbed a Mamie’s tablet and then worked my way through the menu. I don’t full understand the need for such technology, especially at such a rustic type of venue. Anyway waitress number two comes straight over and tells me off for grabbing the tablet as she’s meant to give me a different one. Bloody hell. When did trying to eat all of London become so bloody difficult.

flambe mamies

So after navigating all of that mess and obtaining an active dislike for both staff members, my banana chocolate flambe crepe was on the way. It looked a little haphazard at first glance, but hey flames would be coming soon. So the waitress made exactly one feeble attempt to light it before the breeze blows it out and she doesn’t care. Great. Now my rum-crepes actually will taste like alcohol now. I was too pissed to be able to enjoy any of this. Without the flambe part I just spent over ¬£10 on crepes with banana and tube cream. Mamie’s? Never again.


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