Flat Iron, Covent Garden, London

Flat Iron, Covent Garden, London

The best £10 flat iron steak you can get in London is at, well, Flat Iron. There’s five locations across central London and the shtick is all the same; cheap, quality cuts with no reservations only a great experience. I left happy with my experience that didn’t feel like a discount eatery despite kind of being one.

There was a bit of a serious wait to get in, fortunately, there is a TK Maxx nearby where time warps into a black hole. And then you arrive. I left my name at the door and it may have been about a half hour to an hour before we were in. Which was a pro, as my friend and I get out Flat Irons mixed up. Anyway, TK Maxx benefited from our confusion and subsequent delay.

flat iron steak

We both ordered the flat iron steak along with a side of the salad and fries. The menu is limited, as you can expect with a venue like this. Most likely repeat visits will net the same food items with the only change possibly being in the sauces. It’s not a strictly £10 steak of course. There’s the service charge and you generally need a sauce to go with it. That’s extra. Overall it still works out to be a cost-efficient dining experience. And the knives. That’s cool.

The accompanying fries were fairly good, but the salad was a bit haphazard (not enough happening) and we’d skip it the next time round. Lots of pea shoots. If you like pea shoots.

The steak itself was excellent. Seasoned with a touch of sea salt, perfectly medium rare and a great price. You can’t get more for less. The size is generally quite good, but it differs slightly from chopping board to chopping board. Flat Iron is an affordable London establishment well worth adding into your culinary calendar.

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