EAT, Covent Garden, London

EAT, Covent Garden, London

EAT is another rather basic eating chain. As bit generic, as the name suggests. The chain does a bit of everything, but the quality is a bit below of the much more prolific Pret. I haven’t been enough times to comment on its consistency. Covent Garden store was my lunchtime destination as I finished up a long half day of training. Something speedy to eat en route to my client hotdesking would be perfect, and that’s where a place like EAT is handy.

In the spirit of hot (which is what London was at the time, a fading memory) I went for the chilled curry salad. A bit of an usual mix, but I had some hopes it could have been a good one. Including a slice of the watermelon and thyme cake it comes under the £8 mark. Not expensive, but there’s nothing impressing here.

When it comes to the salad the sauce is a bit weird tasting and it ends up being a pedestrian mix of slaw, salad leaves and curried veges. I consume it and feel nothing. The ingredients are all fresh and I have no issues with the quality. Just boring. Very boring.

The cake had some good (albeit, artificial) flavours but that didn’t taste of complete freshness. Watermelon is a quirky mix and I like quirky. Watermelon is also very on trend, so props to them for going beyond the usual options. I wasn’t a fan of the cake slice tough.

Packaged bakery is a bit of a odd thing for me to still grasp. I mean, it came in a bag, so I should have anticipated as much. The frosting isn’t right, it kinda flaked off per the picture. So eh, I could eat the stuff, but I couldn’t love it at all. That goes for this visit too.


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