Misato, Chinatown, London

Misato, Chinatown, London

Dining at Misato brings me back to the days of being a student. But in the best possible way. It’s some sorcery that the restaurant is able to offer food as cheap as it is. In fact, Misato’s been around twenty five years now so they must have some formula worked out. I believe it is one of the cheapest places around that you can get fed in.

I ordered the chicken tori karaage (£4.50) and a serve of six avocado maki (£2.50). There is a minor (optional) service charge, but this is an incredible value meal. Especially considering the location in Chinatown and wider Soho London. And the food is solid. Both dishes arrived lighting quick and are gigantic serves. It’s a busy little venue even at odd hours, one and all enjoy a cheap bite.

The chicken has a nice crispy coating and the flavours are mostly there in the proper tasting meat. The maki roll is freshly rolled and tastes great too. Even the touch of roasted sesame on the rice is nice. It’s something I’d come to expect in more fancier places.

The sheer range in the (visual) menu is also a delight. No frills, just great times. The second time I returned with my friend Judy I/ we ended up ordering the same thing again. The meat’s likely not the best quality, but under all that batter it’s not as bothersome. You get what you pay for.

Misato’s definitely on my list for returning based on high value for money, speedy service and a top location. Notes: there’s queues on busy days and it’s a cash only enterprise. The service – as you’d come to expect in places like this (like Vietfood) – is at pace and you can be in out in a small window of time. P.s. if you’re a fan of Misato, you might also quite like Eat Tokyo which also offers decent Japanese at the cut price scale of things.


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