Joy King Lau, Chinatown, London

Joy King Lau, Chinatown, London

Chinatown is a plethora for Chinese cooking and despite the original flair of every storefront, it does start to feel a bit homogenous. It’s hard to know what’s good and what’s bad when it all starts to mould into the same. Joy King Lau has been around since the 90s and the name means a place where people can get together to eat eat and drink. It was most appropriate as a meeting ground for our little group catchup.

I’ve made out to Joy King Lau twice in fact. I think it’s a popular number amongst a few distinct social circles at least. Obviously I enjoyed it enough the first time not to protest against it for the second. Overall, Joy King Lau is very good.

The mission was dinner on the first visit. One of the group had been before and said Joy King Lau was tasty. That was good enough for us. Of course, we would be hitting the Hippodrome casino after, so it was a night of pushing our luck.

At Joy King Lau we ordered a mix of dim sum (dumplings, pork bun), sweet and sour pork (£8.50) and the fried rice noodles (£8). It was all quite good, the sweet and sour pork less so. It’s all very cheap too, don’t forget that. For the sweet and sour, the sauce was a bit gluggy and the pieces were often small chunks. The tastes are authentic and there wasn’t any lingering aftertaste, the buns were meaty and there’s a good variety in the noodle mix. No greasy or dry mouth left there.

Service was to the point and we were able to be in and out in a very short space of time. So good marks for Joy King Lau.

The second visit was during a lunchtime and we again dined on a range of the dim sum.


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