My Old Dutch, Holborn, London

My Old Dutch, Holborn, London

My Old Dutch might not feel like a proper Dutch pancake house, but bloody hell, these pancakes are huge. That might apply to the savoury varieties, it was an intense experience. I felt like I was at one of those eating contests. Sweet pancakes might be a completely different affair, I looked at my neighbouring tables with an ounce of envy. Perhaps I was in the wrong choice boat again.

The original My Old Dutch opened way back in 1958. Over fifty years later, she’s still holding up with the best of ’em. It’s very orange and in a handy location in Holborn. There isn’t a whole lot of other non-chain places you can eat at in this corner of London.

Flat out tasty

The venue is quite big, and quite bustling too. Finding a table isn’t too much of a hassle and the excitement starts to build as gigantic crepe offerings arrive at the various tables. Did you know? The term crêpe is a French word that comes from an Old French term of “crepe’, which itself originates from Latin terms ‘crispa’ and ‘crispus’ which mean curled. The Dutch term for the flat stuff is pannekoeken’ and basically each part of Europe picked up it’s own version of the French treat before it expanded even further across the shores.

ham cheese crepe my old dutch

My selection was the signature “My Old Dutch” (£10.95) which is topped with smoked bacon, chicken, ham, peppers, mushrooms, corn and cheese. This crêpe looks like a pizza and it kinda ends up feeling and tasting like one. It’s a flavour I can only describe as a “cheesy meat blast” and that flavour is probably one best shared.

The bottom line

It was excessive for my single stomach and you get enough of it after a little while. As I mentioned earlier the sweet dessert-like crêpe choices looked to be a better bet, so I’d probably lean that way next time around.


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