Leon, Holborn, London

Leon, Holborn, London

I needed a fast dinner in time for my short film festival screening and popped along to Leon. Leon’s a bit of an institution here in the United Kingdom. I liken it to an upmarket, fancy version of the usual McDs. There’s just under 50 stores at the time of writing and it’s started making it way outside the UK, starting with a store in Amsterdam. Update: I have visited Leon in Amsterdam too now. Not by choice, mind you.

leon lamb kofte wrap

My choice of this day was the lamb wrap kofte wrap. Leon offers a healthy angle and all the food is prepared to order. Prices are fair and the choices are kind of exciting.

My lamb kofte wrap came satisfactorily quickly and had some fresh flavours right there. Due to being a weird phase of day that’s not lunch or not dinner, there wasn’t anyone else around so it’s a nice, quiet experience.

The meat does taste good, and is seasoned with some nice herbs. But there wasn’t enough lamb in the wrap for me, well, there wasn’t much lamb in it at all, and one of the sauces wasn’t quite to my liking. A bit spicy, a bit off. So I polished off most of the kebab but would hope for a bit more meat on the ratio next time. That also applies for other adventures I’ve had to Leon. The portion sizes aren’t quite my size, and you’ll need a dash more protein somewhere else to get your proper fill.

And then I went to my short film-festival like showing. It was cool, some shorts from various upcoming directors. I felt like one of the London in crew, if only for one night. And with a lamb kofte wrap in my tummy. My appetite came right back up, I needed more food after the movies.


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