Hummus Bros, Bloomsbury, London

Hummus Bros, Bloomsbury, London

Back to another Hummus Bros, I’ve grown quite fond of the yellow stuff since my last few visits. Fond enough for Hummus Bros to become my choice when a friend from home who needed some food delivery. Hummus Bros travels well for the most part (not so much the falafels).

This lunchtime saw me picking up a combo deal that was a Time Out voucher that only cost £5 Рa super deal. This featured the chicken and guacamole bowl, pita bread, a side of the falafel salad and the house lemonade. Still a huge fan of the velvety smooth, still warm hummus.

I’m a fan of Hummus Bros. It’s a great, clean lunch option and other than the fried falafel nothing is terribly full of calories. And with the pita, you get so much to eat. Also, how fun is it stuffing your own pita pockets? Good option for vegetarians or vegans and easy on the pocket.

The feature is of course, the hummus.¬†This stuff is lush. Not so much on the green. The guacamole was way watery than the chunkier stuff I make myself but it doesn’t taste proper. This is the only element that lets it down, but its one of the options you can avoid.

The fried and fresh falafels remain quite good but the bed of salad is boring, it’s pretty much the same as the hummus bowl. The lemonade was rather nice, quite refreshing and not overly sweet. It is summer now here in the UK. So another success at the Hummus Bros canteen.

As a lunch or takeaway option the meals from Hummus Bros travel extremely well. The only thing that’s hot is the falafels so that’s the only sacrifice. Sometimes the hummus is warm so that’s a testament to how freshly made it all is. Or that there are issues with the refrigeration. I’d like to imagine it’s the former.


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